In accordance with Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as "MŠVVaŠ" or "the Ministry") informs about how it processes personal data of data subjects and what rights related to their protection. personal data are held by those persons.

1. Identity and contact details of operator

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
VAT Identification Number: 00 164 381
Address: Stromová street n. 1, 813 30 Bratislava

2. Contact details on responsible person of operator

The responsible person of the Ministry can be contacted with questions concerning the processing of personal data of the persons concerned and in matter of exercising their rights listed below at the email address

3. Categories of personal data processed

MŠVVaŠ mainly processes common personal data of the persons concerned (e.g. name, surname, title, residence, birth number, date of birth, e-mail address). Scope of the processed data depends on specific purpose of processing, while the Ministry follow the principle of data minimization, means processes only necessary personal data.

For purpose to protect property of MŠVVaŠ, health of employees, visitors, public order and safety, the Ministry also processes the visual identity of natural persons located in monitored areas of MŠVVaŠ buildings and their manifestation of a personal nature.If it is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry may also process a special category of personal data of the persons concerned (e.g. data about health of employees for purpose to manage personal and payroll agenda).

4. Categories of persons concerned

The persons concerned are those natural persons whose personal data are processed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in particular performance of its legal obligations in following areas:

  • education in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and in school facilities,
  • universities and colleges,
  • lifelong learning,
  • science and technology,
  • care for children and young people,
  • state care of sports,
  • fulfillment of tasks of MŠVVaŠ with relation to state budget, in administration of state property, in legislation field, in field of control activities, in field of crisis management and protection of classified information, in field of international relations, in field of European affairs, in field of development unified information system, informatics and informatization, in field of civil protection of population, in field of state statistics.

The persons concerned are, for example, employees of MŠVVaŠ, job seekers at MŠVVaŠ, statutes of organizations directly managed by MŠVVaŠ, statutes of applicants for subsidies for primary, nursery and special schools, university & college rectors, university & college teachers, professional guarantors of continuing education programs and supplementary pedagogical study programs, scholarship holders students abroad, scientific and pedagogical staff within the DAAD project, natural persons filing a complaint, petition or reporting anti-social activity, employees of the audited entity, pedagogical staff, professional staff and other employees of schools and school facilities

5. Personal data acquisition of the persons concerned

MŠVVaŠ obtains personal data mainly directly from persons concerned, for example from written submissions or through various electronic forms of communication.

In some cases, the Ministry also obtains data from third parties, e.g. from other state and public authorities.

6. Consequences of not providing the necessary personal data

In case of processing personal data only on minimum / lowest legal basis of fulfilling the legal obligation of the Ministry, means not providing approval for all necessary data has consequence that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports cannot perform the act with which legal requirement to provide personal data is connected.

In case of processing personal data on the basis of a contractual request (conclusion or performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party), means not providing approval for access to necessary data results in MŠVVaŠ unable to conclude the contract with the data subject or fulfill its contractual obligations.

In case of not providing necessary personal data, you will not be able to get granted access to electronic support services for education and training.

7. Types of personal data processing

Processing personal data can be fully automated, partially automated, or non-automated (manually). It takes place in information systems of the Ministry or in information systems of intermediaries of the Ministry.

Personal data are processed through employees of the Ministry, who are duly authorized, trained and bound by confidentiality about all personal data with which they come into contact in performance of civil service, work or public office at MŠVVaŠ.

8. Categories of recipients of personal data

Unless required by generally binding legislation, personal data will not be disclosed or provided to third parties.

Depends on purpose for processing personal data, the Ministry may make these available and provide them on the basis of a special regulation to the following persons and institutions:

  • competent state administration and public authorities,
  • law firms representing the Ministry;
  • social insurance and health insurance companies;
  • law enforcement authorities;
  • by the competent court.

MŠVVaŠ makes personal data available only to extent necessary and depending on the need to achieve specific processing purposes.

9. Purposes of processing personal data of persons concerned

MŠVVaŠ processes personal data, depend on specific process operation and its legal basis, primary for purposes arising from basic tasks of the Ministry specified in Art. 4 of the Statute of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (

Other purposes to process personal data of the persons concerned by the Ministry result from following activities regulated in special legal regulations:

  • manage personal and payroll agenda of Ministry's employees;
  • register of submitted requests for access to information pursuant to the Act on Free Access to Information;
  • registration of complaints;
  • registration and management of appeal proceedings and dissolution proceedings within the competence of the Ministry;
  • registration of documents within the filing office of the Ministry;
  • documentation records related to public procurement of goods, services and construction works;
  • registration of persons due to economic mobilization;
  • process of selection procedures and personal agenda of statutory bodies of legal entities within the founding competence of the Ministry;
  • processing notifications of anti-social activities;
  • processing of accounting documents at the Ministry.

In order to protect property of MŠVVaŠ, health of employees, visitors, public order and safety, on the legal basis of legitimate interests of MŠVVaŠ and persons located in the ministry building, a camera system is installed at the entrance areas of building and at the same time identity is checked and an entry is filled in the guestbook.

In order to verify identity of the person concerned and subsequently ensure access to electronic services which support education and training.

10. Legal bases of personal data processing

  • Consent to process e-mail address of the person concerned,
  • Consent to process other personal data by MŠVVaŠ SR according to Act no. 138/2019 Coll. on pedagogical staff and professional staff,
  • legal requirement - processing is necessary according to a special regulation or international agreement by which the Slovak Republic is bound,
  • contractual requirement - processing is necessary for performance of contract to which the person concerned is a party or for the execution of a measure before the conclusion of the contract at the request of the person concerned.
  • processing is necessary to fulfill tasks of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports carried out in public interest or in performance of public power entrusted to the Ministry
  • processing is necessary for purpose of legitimate interests of the Ministry or a third party.
  • consent

11. Retention period of personal data / criteria for its determination

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports retains personal data for necessary period of time stipulated by generally binding legal regulations, registry order and plan, contract, or for duration of legitimate interest of the Ministry or a third party.

Personal data processed by the Ministry due to the fulfillment of a legal obligation shall be kept for a period specified by relevant special legal regulations.

Personal data processed by the Ministry for performance of contract is stored for duration of contract and subsequently for as long as the legitimate interest of the Ministry of Education (e.g. during limitation periods for legal claims, in the event of legal or similar proceedings - for the duration of these proceedings and subsequently for expiry of the time limits for filing extraordinary remedies and for duration of proceedings on extraordinary remedies).

MŠVVaŠ retains personal data for necessary period of time determined by the active use of access.

12. Rights of persons concerned

  • the right of access to personal data (including the right to confirm that personal data are being processed and the right to obtain a copy of personal data),
  • the right to correct incorrect personal data,
  • the right to erasure (forgetting) according to an individual assessment of whether the legal conditions are met,
  • the right to transfer data (provide it to another controller if there are no legal obstacles),
  • the right to object on processing of data on grounds of legitimate interest, through responsible person whose contact details are mentioned above,
  • the right to file a motion to initiate proceedings with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.